Tuesday Tuneage: Mix It Up

It’s a mix and mesh in this week’s playlist – from top 40 bangers to some electro-funk newcomers, it’ll keep your week going.

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1. “Rock Bottom” – Hailee Seinfeld, DNCE

Plucky and sweet, this song (featuring Joe Jonas’s new group DNCE) doesn’t exactly break barriers, but it is catchy in that sour-sweet sort of way that your standard top 40 rocky relationship anthem is.

2. “Call It Off” – Shamir

When I saw this artist open for Duran Duran and Chic feat. Nile Rodgers a few weeks back, I was struck by not only the jarring-but-not-really juxtaposition of the house pop-R&B millennial vibe with the dance-pop legends, but also with the electro-indie feel that somehow separated Shamir from his contemporaries. It’s fun, it’s funky, it will absolutely start a rave in whatever place you play it (car, club, bathroom stall, wherever).

3. “Wild Things” – Alessia Cara

The latest single from the raspy-voiced songstress, I find myself liking this track more than her breakout hit “Here” – it’s upbeat tempo shows off the higher end of her voice and makes her range stand out tenfold.

4. “Bonbon” – Era Istrefi

The Kosovo-area singer/songwriter gives off a SIA vibe with this haus-pop banger – dark, thrumming and hook-driven, it’s another guaranteed party starter. Petition for an Era-Shamir collabo.

5. “Champagne Problems” – Nick Jonas

Off of his upcoming release “Last Year Was Complicated,” Jonas turns his heartbreak into a bouncy, dance-ready track. This could turn into quite the summer jam.

6. “Curse” – Vicktor Taiwo

Described on his own Facebook page as “funkadelic space jam,” the description could not describe the vibe of this song any more perfectly. Recently featured on HBO’s “GIRLS,” Taiwo’s soulful vocals are both haunting and mesmerizing on this standout track.

7. “Boyfriend” – Tegan and Sara

The electro duo of Tegan and Sara return with their tried-and-true form of indie-pop with this upbeat track. It’s quintessential pop with its sleek synth tones and peppy vibrato, and it’s one that you’ll want to keep on repeat.

Video of the Week: Aaron Tveit & Gavin Creel “Take Me or Leave Me” (from RENT) – at 2016 MCC Theater MISCAST Benefit

The MCC Theater MISCAST Benefit is known for exhibiting Broadway numbers that allow performers to hone in on roles that could have been – gender, race, and all other considerations begone. One of the highlights of this year’s gala was resident Broadway hunks Aaron Tveit and Gavin Creel taking on this RENT classic as Maureen and Joanne, respectively. They have the sass down, and they throw in some epic movement atop a table to make one righteously awesome MISCAST moment.

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