Tuesday Tuneage: Hit the Floor

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Turn it up and break it down – these new tracks will have you movin’ from the get-go.

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1. “Work from Home” Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

The girl group is back with this absolute banger of a new track. I’ll admit, the song had to grow on me a little bit, but once that chorus hits, you likely won’t get it out of your head for a bit.

2. “Like I Would” – ZAYN

I was on board with this track from the moment it started, layered ethereal vocals and all. The haunted gospel vocals that lead up to the 80s trance-laced beat drop of a chorus only add to it – it’s by far the best song Zayn has released from his upcoming solo effort. Count me in – I’m on board for the whole ride.

3. “She’s American” – The 1975

The latest record from the alt-pop group is a mesh of musical styles similar to their first album, electro-pop meets celestial trance and altogether intriguing. This track is more of the former with its simple yet plucky bass line and easily bop-able vibe.

4. “Sit Still, Look Pretty” – Daya

Described as a mix of Lorde and Katy Perry, this pop songstress’ next single (after smash “Hide Away”) is thrumming and fun – and empowering, too. Blast this on your next G.N.O., ladies.

5. “Wolves Without Teeth” – Of Monsters and Men

This rhythmic track from the acclaimed alt-pop ensemble is off of their latest effort, Beneath The Skin. It has an indie vibe without being too unreachable – the sound is well-rounded and flows effortlessly, just as I expected from them.

6. “Past Lives” – BØRNS

After hearing this song during the credits of “GIRLS” this season, I was instantly into it. The synth-driven sound is deep and catchy, with the singer’s falsetto reaching into the stratosphere above it. It’s an intriguing combination that just works – this is an artist who has been gaining lots of attention as of late, so keep this one on your radar.

7. “Who Are You Loving Now?” – Danny Mercer

Synthetically sweet in its sound, Mercer’s voice glides over the beat laced with reggae and rock influences. It’s not necessarily a “breakthrough,” but it’s fun just the same.

Video of the Week: “Formation – Beyonce – Choreography by @WilldaBeast”

Amongst the mass of choreo videos that can be found on YouTube, this is hands down one of the very best. This routine is insane, and the dancers who 1000% OWN it make it that much better. The 7 minutes is worth it. Be inspired, fam.

Like what you hear? Comment your favorites and post some of your own picks for a chance to be included in next week’s playlist!


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