Tuesday Tuneage: e-move-tion

This week’s playlist lies in motion – whether of the body or soul. Tune in, send in your comments, and subscribe to the Tuesday Tuneage playlists on Spotify!


1. “Hello (Reggae cover)” (Adele cover) – Conkarah, Rosie Delmah

This cover of the Adele smash has been gaining traction virally and it truly is a jam. The reggae feel brings a dance feel to the ballad but maintains its epicness – just in a new form. Definitely worth a listen.

2. “Midnight River” – Vaults

This pulsating, sweeping track from the mysterious electro-pop trio is the perfect mid-week pick-me-up. It’s a subdued sort of banger, with a rising chorus and mirrored vocals from singer Blythe. The sounds mesh together in an intriguingly awesome way – turn this one up.

3. “Make Me Love You” – Gwen Stefani

The new single from the Stefani just made history with a live music video filmed at the Grammys is discoteca and discerningly bubblegum – but it’s fun. It’s a good Friday night jam to blare before a night out.

4. “Surprise Yourself” – Jack Garratt

This one’s a little slow to build, but the low, dirty background to Garratt’s crystal falsetto is nothing but intriguing. By the time it gets to the chorus, the dizzying tempo doesn’t falter – and neither does his soul-tinged vocals. Certainly one to keep an eye on for fans of both the EDM and R&B scenes.

5. “Fast Car (radio edit)” – Jonas Blue, Dakota

This dance cover of the Tracy Chapman classic is standard dance-pop fodder – and it works. It’s been garnering a lot of play on SiriusXM stations, as well – we can only hope TC digs it just as much.

6. “Somebody Else” – The 1975

For a band known for their electronic feel, the motion in this song is more of the soulful kind – the synth-pop track is off of their upcoming record “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” (out Feb. 26). Almost every new track that has premiered off of this record has been full of the standard 80’s pop-rock feel that is what made me love the band in the first place – and if there are more gems like this one on the new record, than consider me head over heels.

7. “Per Te” – Josh Groban

While this is one of Groban’s older tracks, it has only recently returned to my attention. Like many of his songs, it is hauntingly beautiful with outstanding vocals and precision in delivery – but it’s just too damn good not to include here while we’re on the topic of emotion. It’s a love ballad sung in Italian – need I say more?

Video of the Week: “Work” – Rihanna feat. Drake

Speaking of love songs…This back-to-back music video will revive your OTP feelings about the hip-hop duo. Prepare for ALL the twerking – this clip is steamy and sensual from start to finish – but we love ’em for it!

Send in your comments and suggestions and you may be included in next week’s playlist!


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