Tuesday Tuneage: Dance, Dance

This week’s playlist invites you to the turn up function with these tracks made to get you movin’. Break out your best running man – or whatever floats your boat. Be sure to subscribe to the Tuesday Tuneage playlists on Spotify!


1. “Radar” – AudioDamn!

Driven by falsetto and imparting a bit of funk into its chorus, this single off of the so-called “soul rock” group’s debut EP is fun from the get-go. Add this to your workout playlist to liven things up.

2. “Sound of Your Heart” – Shawn Hook

Hook blends soul and pop with his high-reaching vocals backed by a constant driving beat to make this romance-tinged track. The chorus is the place that drives home the dance feel the most, but it’s a good tune as a whole.

3. “Kamikaze” – MØ

Bubbling over with frothy dance-pop, this plucky tune from the Danish songstress will keep you moving from start to finish. Blast this one with the windows down – the bass is thrumming hard enough to get you going.

4. “Over (Radio Edit)” – GOLDHOUSE

This electro-pop track is one of my favorites this week. From mastermind Grant Harris (who is behind some critically acclaimed official remixes for artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry), the sharpness of the sound makes for an instantly infectious clubhouse anthem.

5. “Don’t Wait Up” – Robert DeLong

Darker tones and an almost-80s sentimentality, DeLong’s electronic vibe fits the bill for an underground rave circa 1989. Edgy and brooding, it’s a song fit for shadow-shrouded dance floors.

6. “Diggy Down” – INNA, Marian Hill

Romanian singer INNA joins forces with electro-duo Marian Hill for this slinky dance-pop track. Mixing in fun horn play, this is another club-ready banger with a subdued but thrumming bass line.

7. “Raise Hell” – Sir the Baptist feat. ChurchPeople

Bringing church-ready vocals to this fast-paced pop track, the Chicago-based vocalist blends blues and soul into this track – even sampling the classic Isley Brothers’ “Shout” at one point. Between the vocals and the thrumming beat, this makes for quite an interesting track – and still one that you can get moving too. Consider me intrigued.

Video of the Week: “We Go Together” from Fox’s “Grease: Live”

If this song doesn’t get you at least tapping your toes, I don’t know what will. The closing number from Fox’s wonderful live musical performance of “Grease” was a huge ratings hit – and for good reason. The fun and liveliness of this musical is only highlighted by its ramalamalama ka dingedy ding de finale – yes, I went there. Go on – enjoy yourself again.

Be sure to subscribe to the Tuesday Tuneage playlists on Spotify and send in your picks for a chance to be on next week’s playlist!


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