Tuesday Tuneage: Up and On-The-Go

This past week was full of tons of new tunes – here’s a sampler of some of them for your listening pleasure, including some newfound staples in the SiriusXM universe. Subscribe to the Tuesday Tuneage playlist(s) on Spotify to listen in!


1. “Work” – Rihanna feat. Drake

Rejoice, friends – RiRi is back! The song is typical thumping beats and bass, with the songstress’s instantly recognizable voice popping over the top, especially during the repetitious/infectious chorus. Drizzy comes in two-thirds of the way in with his verse. While this song isn’t exactly a standout, in my opinion, these two clearly have good chemistry in their music – this is their third collaboration to date. To listen to the track off of her highly anticipated “ANTI”, head over to Tidal (see above) and stream the song for free on their homepage.

2. “PILLOWTALK” – Zayn Malik

Another highly anticipated and hyped single came from the ex boy-bander this week with the lush and sensual “PILLOWTALK.” Thrumming from the get-go, Malik’s voice soars over the deep bass and goes sky high in the chorus. The song is very Miguel meets EDM – and for this listener, it grows with each play.

3. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” – Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez

Fast-paced and fun, this duet is easy to dance to and sing along. The opening melody is almost instantly infectious, and Gomez’s light vocals fit overtop of the beat and nicely alongside Puth’s. It’s a pleasant surprise off of Puth’s debut LP “Nine Track Mind.”

4. “Summer Sixteen” Drake

“Lookin’ for revenge/all of summer sixteen…” This is just the beginning of the endless stream of fire coming off of his latest single, off of his new album “Views from the 6” (due in April). No bars are held – Drizzy calls out everyone from Meek Mill to President Obama. Sit back for this one, folks – listen in on the Stereogum link above.

5. “Piece By Piece” – Kelly Clarkson

The latest single off of Clarkson’s album of the same title, this song has been making the rounds on SiriusXM as of late. And for this listener, it’s a bit emotional – the story of a woman rising above the shortcomings of the father who left her behind is heart-piercing and beautiful. While it’s not a situation that I or everyone can necessarily relate to, it is still capable of tugging on the heartstrings.

6. “Die A Happy Man” – Thomas Rhett

This will cure all of your “quintessential romantic ballad” needs courtesy of the country crooner. It’s adorable, meaningful and will make you want to travel the world with your significant other (or an imaginary one, for you singles-for-now). It’s a song that is sugary sweet and a total happy-go-lucky anthem – and is, too, making the rounds on the SiriusXM stations.

7. “Carter & Cash” – Tor Miller

Another current SiriusXM staple, this driving dance-pop track is fun with a tinge of mystery. Genres aren’t exactly distinguishable at first listen, but it’s a treat for the ears with its layered vocals and plunky, lively chorus. It’s an enjoyable track to drive to, so add this one to your on-the-go playlist.

Video of the Week: “PILLOWTALK” – Zayn Malik

You didn’t think I could leave this one out, could you? It’s trippy, sexy and stars model Gigi Hadid. Take it all in, folks.

Send in your picks for your chance to be featured in next week’s playlist!


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