Tuesday Tuneage: Throwback Edition

It may only be Tuesday, but this week is all about the throwbacks! Spanning across genres and artists and processed beats, I decided this week would be one for us nostalgics.

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1. “MakeDamnSure” – Taking Back Sunday

One of my favorites of the mid 00’s “emo” scene, this was a standout track from the band’s 2006 album “Louder Now.” After seeing them a few times (most recently at my first Warped Tour in 2013), I prefer the heyday of the mid-millennium, but hey…still good stuff.

2. “Breathe (2AM)” – Anna Nalick

Almost indie with a touch more pop-hued color in its tone, this track right off the old primetime drama block seemed fitting for just about any mid-decade evening dram-com (i.e. “One Tree Hill,” “Gilmore Girls,” etc.) We all remember singing this one, right?

3. “Beautiful Soul” – Jesse McCartney

Not gonna lie, this is still a track that I blast whenever it comes on. Just ask friends who have gone on car trips with me. Rule of Road Trips with Alyssa #47: Always blare Jesse McCartney.

4. “Wild Wild West” – Will Smith feat. Dru Hill, Kool Mo Dee

I have a soft spot for this song and this movie featuring the late ’90s hip-pop king Will Smith. We used to dance to this song at camp over the summer – and it is still equally dance-worthy now. Cue the Sisqo backing vocals.

5. “Goodbye Earl” – Dixie Chicks

I bought this album at the mall as a 6-year-old and haven’t forgotten the words (mainly) since. One of their hits off of their 1999 smash “Fly,” these  Chicks were country royalty. And they still are – look out for them on tour later this year.

6. “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” – Eve, Gwen Stefani

The first collaboration between these two dynamos was all over MTV when it came out. It’s funky, it’s poppy, it’s got Eve and Gwen chillin’ on a motorcycle in the video – it’s the perfect hip-hop/pop hybrid smash that my TRL-loving self was 100% down for.

7. “Like A Stone” – Audioslave

Weirdly enough, this song reminds me of getting picked up after swim camp the summer before middle school, but this was a total jam back in the day – I rocked out to this song like nobody’s business. The mixed members of Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine made for quite the set of hard hitters, and this song was part of a great debut.

Video of the Week: “Helena” – My Chemical Romance

For all intents and purposes, this video (and this band) changed my life. I wrote an essay about this video and the effect it had on me for school. I was the black and red adorned Helena (minus the ballet slippers) for Halloween at least two years in a row. I remember exactly where I was when I saw it for the first time – in my living room, in awe, and completely transfixed. While the band may have split in 2013 (We all wore our merch in mourning, right? Don’t lie. You know you did.), some of my fondest memories are still going to see them live (7 times, the most I have ever seen a band, but who’s counting?), watching their interviews and performances on TV (and on a still-fledgling YouTube back in ’05-’06), the list goes on. I’m still grateful to MCR for making me fall in love with music in a whole new way, in a way that I can’t really explain. Almost everyone has their special “thing,” a book, an artist, a song, etc.. MCR was (and still kinda is) one of my most favorite “things.”

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