Tuesday Tuneage: New Year, New Tunes

Happy New Year and Happy New Tunes! Your favorite weekly playlist is back and ready to rock in 2016 with more artists, albums and a brand new playlist on Spotify! Be sure to subscribe and send in your requests for a chance to be included in next week’s playlist!


1. “Absolutely” – Ra Ra Riot

What better way to kick off a new year with this pepped up track from alt-rockers Ra Ra Riot? An upbeat anthem for the twentysomethings of the the world, the song stressing the “year of absolutely being” a multitude of things is relatable and readily available for any and all playlists made for late nights and road trips with your friends. Embrace it, all.

2. “Penny Lane” – The Beatles

To celebrate the seminal foursome’s arrival on Spotify, I have included one of the many, many songs you can now stream for your listening pleasure (stream it! stream it all!). All you need is love (and a full Beatles discography).

3. “Lush Life” – Zara Larsson

This song has been on my radar all through the end of 2015 (I somehow seemed to hear this song repeatedly in a variety of places) and it has continued to grow on me. The electro-pop songstress is tailor made for the dance beat-driven listeners of today, but is still the perfect example of fun and fancy free dance-pop. I’ll admit – this is a total jam.

4. “UGH!” – The 1975

The 80s-era neon narcissism runs rampant through this new tune from the alt-pop rockers – it makes for a fun head bopper. While the singles off of the group’s upcoming release “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” (out February 26) have been arguably more electric in their pop pretenses, the band always seems to find new ways to intrigue me as a listener. Carry on, boys.

5. “America’s Sweetheart” – Elle King

The “Ex’s and Oh’s” singer goes slightly more twangy in this catchy track. King (who is the daughter of Rob Schneider) has gained a lot of notoriety from her aforementioned hit single, but the combination of banjo and dance backbeat makes for a pop track that can satisfy multiple crowds. Count me interested.

6. “Shock Me” – Baroness

This track from heavy metal group Baroness is heavy enough to account for their hard rock edge, but has a bit of an alt feel in the vocals that reminds this listener a lot of bands like Against Me! and Rise Against. It’s a cool combination and definitely something worth listening to for fans of all sorts of rock and roll.

7. “I’m Yours” – Justine Skye feat. Vic Mensa

Fans of Tinashe and Ciara will be feeling this song from Skye, the heavily processed beat enveloped by silky, sensual vocals. This is another example of continuing the norm/not fixing what isn’t broken. Clap it out, ’cause this is a nighttime jam.

Video of the Week: “Somebody to Love” – Jordan Smith from The Voice semi-finals

I’m behind. I know I am so behind on this. But if you haven’t seen the recently crowned Voice winner’s rendition of this Queen classic, do yourself a favor and take a listen. Smith’s absolutely pitch perfect and altogether stunning vocal prowess is outstanding – I still have chills. I cannot WAIT to hear more from this artist!

Be sure to subscribe to the brand new 2016 Tuesday Tuneage playlist on Spotify and send in your thoughts and song picks for your chance to be included in next week’s playlist. Happy tuning!



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