Tuesday Tuneage: New Tunes November (It’s He-eeere)

It’s finally time for New Tunes November…well, the beginning of it at least. With some of music’s biggest acts releasing highly anticipated records, this month of music is off to a strong – and catchy – start.

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1. “Love You Goodbye” – One Direction

This early favorite off of the foursome’s latest effort “Made in the A.M.” is classic pop ballad material, rising into a crescendo in the chorus with lyrics of last night lovin’. “A.M.” definitely showcases a more mature side of the band, following their previous record “Four” – are you sure you want to take a hiatus, boys?

2. “The Feeling” – Justin Bieber feat. Halsey

The second big release in pop music this week is from the Biebs himself – and this track with rising songstress Halsey shows that the futuristic, tech-heavy sounds that seem to be shrouding Bieber’s new music may pay off. It’s slinky and smooth with an undertone of sweetness that keeps that heartthrob charm present.

3. “WTF (Where They From)” – Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell Williams

One of the most hyped tracks of the week, the surprise (yet long-awaited) single from Missy E featuring collabo juggernaut Williams is the perfect hype song. Throw in one of Missy and director Dave Meyers’ zany but ultimately pleasing music videos (see below) and you’ve got the perfect comeback song.

4. “How Will I Know” Sam Smith (Whitney Houston cover)

Released as a track on his “Drowning Shadows” edition of his debut album “In The Lonely Hour,” this Whitney Houston cover is a well-known and beloved Smith standard. It’s as haunting and touching as his usual fare, with an extra tenderness added with the memory of Whitney seems to be present in one of her well-known songs. Truth time: I love everything about this cover.

5. “Our Own House” MisterWives

Off of their debut LP of the same name, this dance-ready track is just as catchy in the chorus as their breakout single “Reflections.” The addition of a horns section and an easily moveable beat makes this a fun addition to any Friday night or workout playlist.

6. “Easy Love” Sigala

The debut track from the British musician features samples of The Jackson 5’s “ABC” overtop a fast-paced, upbeat happy bubble of a song. It’s hard not to smile when this song comes on – this is definitely a song worthy of inspiring many a happy dance.

7. “Here to Mars” Coheed and Cambria

This track off of the rock ensemble’s latest effort “The Color Before the Sun,” it builds nicely from softer verses into a more thrashing chorus while still maintaining a nice melody and vocal presence from singer Claudio Sanchez. It has been a while since I have listened to this group, but Sanchez’s unique voice and the song’s overall quality have tuned me back in.

Video of the Week: “WTF (Where They From)” Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell Williams

As if I couldn’t ~not~ include the return of the Great Missy for this week’s video. Her crazy fantastic (emphasis on both adjectives) videos are part of what she’s known for The puppets! The outfits! The dancing! Also the PUPPETS! There is nothing not great about this video. Welcome back, Missy E.

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