Tuesday Tuneage: Video Killed The Radio Star

We’re keeping it visual this week with some of the week’s hottest videos – there are too many memes and Vines not to!

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  1. “Hello” – Adele

    After 740489 years of waiting, this heart-wrenching angel of music has returned to us all. Soulful, scorching and better than ever, this first single off of her new album “25” (out November 20) is just as emotional and heart-tugging that you would expect from Adele – and we love her so much for it.

  2. “Hotline Bling” – Drake
    See the video here on Apple Music.
    AKA the Video That Launched A Thousand Memes. And Vines. And complete Internet takeover. Drake’s sweet moves will leave you wanting more with this clip, folks. Just check out all of these super appreciative clips that prove it. It can only mean one thing.
  3. “Used to Love You” – Gwen Stefani

    Raw, personal, and lip-sync free – this latest from Gwen Stefani is all that and a platinum-black sideswept do. Currently on “The Voice,” the singer reportedly has an album in the works – and by the looks and sounds of this single, it sounds like it may be an emotional ride.

  4. “Perfect” – One Direction

    Sleek, stylish, perfectly coiffed – and we’re not just talking about the British boy band. The swanky hotel room in this clip is one of the *real* stars here, a nice backdrop for the smooth, polished track (that is strangely reminiscent of a certain Swift number…) But hey, that won’t stop us from singing along just as loud.

  5. “Emperor’s New Clothes” – Panic! At The Disco

    Not gonna lie, this clip freaked me out a bit – but in a good way? With a nod to their catalog in the intro (preceding Brendon Urie’s transformation into an actual demon vocalist), there’s a bit of returning to roots here.

  6. “E Più Tu Penso” – Andrea Bocelli feat. Ariana Grande

    A bit unexpected, but still beautiful – this duet between the legendary Bocelli and R&B pop princess Grande is both vocally and visually pleasing.

  7. “Dessert” – Dawin feat. Silento

    Finally, this Interweb-popular tune has a video – and with the Whip-Nae Nae king himself, Silento! Treat yourself to this one, friends.

    Send in your picks for next week for a chance to be featured – happy viewing!


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