Tuesday Tuneage: I’ve Got Chills, They’re Multiplyin’…

Do you feel it now, Mr. Krabs? Everyone’s had a song or two that has given them goosebumps, or listened to an artist or group that has left you in aural awe. This week’s list is proof of just that – here are some new tunes and great artists that have proven they can inspire the most hair-raising reactions…in a good way.

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  1. “Perfect” – One Direction

    As of late, the British boy band has taken a turn for more stadium-ready hits instead of sticking to the more bubble-gum pop variety. And although this new single from their upcoming “Made in the A.M.” record (out November 13) sounds eerily like the all-male version of Taylor Swift’s “Style,” it’s still a single ready to blast in the car, in the open air, or anywhere. This is arguably my favorite of the week.

  2. “Lightning Strike” – A Silent Film

    I’ve featured this band before, but I’m going to bring them back once more – these overseas alt-rockers balance between catchy tracks and chill-worthy musicality. While this track focuses more on the former quality, I’m sensing there is much more to hear from these guys…

  3. “Stone Cold” – Demi Lovato

    Premiered for the first time live last weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” this chilling ballad shows off Lovato’s serious vocal chops, high-pitched breaks almost placed if it wasn’t apparent that this is just how she sings. She is screaming from her soul and placing us in her pain – everything that this aching ballad was made to do. Brava, Demi.

  4. “Love Me” – The 1975

    This song from the British alt-pop ensemble may not be the standard chill-inducing tune that they have been known to create, but any new track from this band is always anticipated – and embraced.

  5. “If I Ever Fall In Love” – Pentatonix feat. Jason Derulo

    This acapella only track from the group’s self-titled record shows off their impressive dynamic along with Derulo’s signature croon. The two acts complement each other well and make for a song you can only imagine would absolutely *kill* in Pitch Perfect 3 (and in general, let’s be real).

  6. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” Haley Reinhart (cover)

    If you’re looking for the ultimate goosebump-giving tune on the list, this is the one. The former “American Idol” contestant is achingly sweet, seriously soulful, and altogether heartbreaking in this Elvis Presley cover – and if that wasn’t enough, its inclusion in this adorable commercial has made it the most emotional viral trend in a while.

  7. “Hold Me Up” – Conrad Sewell

    Sewell’s incredible pitch transforms this electro-pop tune into a soaring smash. He has been featured on songs including Kygo’s “Firestone” (which has been featured on the Tuesday Tuneage playlist) but this solo track shows off his impressive vocals. Looking forward to hearing more from this Aussie artist!

    Video of the Week: “Defying Gravity” from the “Wicked” Studio Sessions – Aaron Tveit and Rachel Tucker

    Two Broadway crooners (and “Wicked” veterans) take on the musical’s most iconic song in this stripped down acoustic version. Tveit (who previously played Fiyero) is smooth on his high harmonies, while Tucker (currently playing Elphaba on Broadway) has an edge to her voice that gives this timeless tune a whole new sound.

    Send in your comments and picks for your chance to be included on next week’s list – happy listening!


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