Tuesday Tuneage: A New Hope

It’s been a while, folks, but Tuesday Tuneage is back with tracks new and old for your listening pleasure. For the newbies, these weekly playlists are my personal picks that span across multiple genres and decades – and I want to share them with you! Plus, there will be some music videos thrown in there every now and then (we all need some visual supplementation, right?)

An addition this time: all of the tracks highlighted every week will be updated on the Tuesday Tuneage Spotify playlist – check out the link at the end of this post.

Whether you’re waiting for class or anticipating your lunch break at work, take a listen and share your thoughts – as always, I’m open to song suggestions and the like!

Happy tuning,

This Week: Tuesday, August 25, 2015

  1. “Levels” – Nick Jonas

Jo Bro no more, Nick J has been taking big strides towards a dance-pop/R&B-tinged separation from his bubble gum, Disney-laced roots – a la Justin Timberlake, perhaps? This bouncy track is catchy in the way a millennial pop song should be, with his smooth falsetto gliding as easily over a techno beat as a moonwalk.

  1. “Classic Man” (Remix) – Jidenna feat. Kendrick Lamar

It can be argued that any remix that features one of rap’s current kings can improve a track. Jidenna’s already easily danceable beat is now even more infectious – and with a backing track that sounds pretty similar to that on Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,’ you know that only means it’ll get stuck in your head that much faster.

  1. “New Americana” – Halsey

This alt-pop act recently took to the Lollapalooza stage in anticipation of her full-length debut, Badlands, which drops this Friday (Aug. 28). Her vocal style is a bit of Lana Del Ray and Lorde meets the pop-fluorescence of Miley Cyrus and Betty Who, but her lyrics (in this song in particular) trigger memories made for the adolescent nostalgia befitting of your typical 90s kid – “Raised on Biggie and Nirvana/We are the new Americana.” Consider me intrigued.

  1. “For You” – Gavin James

After seeing this Irish musician open for Sam Smith last month, I was completely hooked. His clear, pinpoint vocal delivery is Smith meets Ed Sheeran, and the fact that he was accompanied solely by an acoustic guitar did nothing but elevate his voice – trust me when I say it filled that arena to its rafters. I have been listening to his EP and live tracks on Spotify for weeks now and this is one of my favorites.

  1. “Straight Outta Compton” – N.W.A

After seeing the film named after the legendary rap album, there’s no way I couldn’t include this track. So many contemporary rappers have built off of N.W.A’s power and prowess, and this song is arguably the band’s calling card. Throw in the socio-political background that seems to be timeless as of late and “Compton” continues to be a relevant statement to this day.

  1. “House Party” – Sam Hunt

A relative newcomer to the country scene, Sam Hunt has been making a big splash. His easy-going demeanor mixes well with this upbeat, happy-go-lucky tune – it truly is a party you’ll want to crash. He’s currently touring alongside Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes, so he’s in good company as far as country-pop goes.

  1. “Cut the Cord” – Shinedown

This band always has a knack for delivering powerful rock tracks with cutting vocals without seeming too harsh, and this single is no exception. It comes off of their upcoming release, Threat to Survival, which drops September 18. My inner rock n’ roller eagerly awaits.

Video Pick: “Drag Me Down” – One Direction

Hot on the heels of the band’s continued string of publicity shockers (ie. Zayn Malik leaving the band, Louis Tomlinson’s impending fatherhood, etc.), this new video from the newly-minted foursome is equal parts epic and adorable (1D as astronauts? Be still our hearts.). With an “extended hiatus” set for next spring (*GASP*), the boys will continue their world tour and prep for the release of their fifth studio album before millions of millennial tears flood the streets.

Like what you hear? Comment below and subscribe to the “Tuesday Tuneage” Spotify playlist – and feel free to share what you’ve been listening to lately!


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