Tuesday Tune-age: Take Your Pick!

Here’s your weekly pick-me-ups, just in time for that pre-finals buzz!

1. One Direction – One Thing
Okay, so it’s a boy band, sue me…but do you really think this is out of the norm for me? The infectious combination of catchy, sugary sweet pop hooks mixed with the adorable cuteness that only adolescent male pop singers can pull off? It’s pretty much always gonna be a thing.

2. Rascal Flatts – Banjo
Catchy as all can be, Rascal Flatts knows how to put up a good time with their blend of pop-country twang.

3. Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull– Dance Again
This may not be JLo’s biggest knockout, but it is certainly (and surprisingly) more radio-friendly than some of her contemporaries right now (I’m talking to you, Madonna…)

4. Third Eye Blind – Never Let You Go
A 90’s throwback, say whaaat? This catchy alt track never gets old!

5. Flo Rida feat. SIA – Wild Ones
You sing along, you dance along, it’s the perfect pre-summer club track!

6. Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and Bruno Mars – Young, Wild and Free
When you have the Hookmaster Supreme (trademark pending) like Mars, you can’t help but turn any song (with any message) into a sing-along hit!

7. Tyga – Rack City
It’s those hip-hop hooks that are driving the charts right now, and a monster one like this is no exception!

Throwback of the Week: Elton John – I’m Still Standing

This is by far my favorite by the bedazzled Brit (with a righteous cover on this week’s Glee!) that never ceases to make me dance and sing along (see a theme this week?). Join in the fun!


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