Tuesday Tune-age: Here’s another!

This week, in my sniffles-ridden, exam-wearied state, houses some songs from all over the musical spectrum. Listen away!

1. PJ Morton feat. Adam Levine – Heavy
This soulful track has a good, solid beat that is instantly catchy. Plus, it never hurts when Maroon 5’s Levine adds his sickeningly sweet vocals on top of it.

2. The Ready Set – Young Forever
A dance-friendly, youth oriented track, this song is just that…a dance party for adolescents. I willingly admit that I would so go to this party.

3. The Ting Tings – Hit Me Down Sonny
Off of their latest album “Sounds from Nowheresville,” this track showcases the duo’s staccato musicality perfectly. It’s a great pick me up when you’re out and about!

4. Shiny Toy Guns – You Are The One
It’s not a new track, but this synthesized pop-rock always knows how to improve my mood!

5. Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Wanna Stop
If you know someone that needs to just be kicked in the head, this is the song to play in the background of such facial-heavy violence. This song makes your week majorly kick-ass!

6. Foxy Shazam – I Like It
Another rock n’ roll treat, these guys know how to party!

7. The Darkness – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us
Although this song may not have their a-typical “yodeling” style (if you don’t understand, go listen to their track “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” and discover the glory), it still maintains a nice, hard edge to drive your week forward.

Throwback of the Week: Usher – Caught Up

This guy has it all: super smooth vocals, even smoother dance moves, the occasional ego problem…you know, everything you need in this business, right? This is one of my favorite tracks of his, and c’mon, this dancing is pretty sweet!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune-age: Here’s another!

    1. heyholcomb says:

      Definitely loved “Soul Killing” as soon as I heard it – the whole album is just so great! As for Foxy Shazam, I haven’t really listened to them yet, so I’ll keep them on my radar 🙂 Thanks!

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