Tuesday Tune-age: Here’s Another!

This week, let’s just focus on the tunes themselves. No themes, no specific types, just good ear juice in which you can indulge!

1. Charlene Kaye – Animal Love I
Absolutely in love with this song. It has some 80s pop-synth background in there, but that just adds to the greatness!

2. Fun. – All Alone
Yup, I’m still listening to this band’s latest record “Some Nights” (and if you aren’t right now, you should probably be doing so). They have infectiously catchy songs and hooks, making them instantaneously great in my book.

3. Monty Python’s Spamalot (Original Broadway Cast) – Always Look On The Bright Side of Life
I finally got a chance to see this show last week, and after laughing my butt off for two hours, I have been listening to this song on repeat. Call me cliche, but this really is a great song to listen to when you’ve got the blues. Plus, it doesn’t hurt hearing Tim Curry swear.

4. Blue October – Into the Ocean
Flashback from middle school, anyone? There’s just something about the slight whine of the vocals mixed with softer guitars (while still maintaining that “rock” edge) that makes this song kick so much ass.

5. Prince – Raspberry Beret
We all have those moods where we want to listen to one artist and one artist alone, right? A while ago, it was Prince. This song? A-ok.

6. Amy Winehouse – You Know That I’m No Good
Her first single, automatically entrancing, still keeps its subtly snarky tone on the forefront.

7. John Travolta – Razzamatazz
1970s, ooh. Can’t beat this guy, seriously.

Throwback of the Week: Journey – I’ll Be Alright Without You

Childhood nostalgia, I say! Steve Perry has been (and will always be) one of my favorite vocalists of all time, and this shows off his absolutely insane (did I mention how good he is?) pipes!


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