Tuesday Tune-age: Three’s A Crowd

Tuesday Tune-age: Week of February 7, 2012

1. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
OK, I’ll bite. After a buzzed-about appearance on Saturday Night Live, and endless amounts of indie hype across the interweb, this track is slow and haunting, just as I expected. But, surprisingly, I like it more than its contemporaries.

2. Adam Lambert – Better Than I Know Myself
New album, same formula, but I’m always game for a catchy hook and Lambert’s impressive vocal chops. The video isn’t half bad, either, featuring the American Idol alum playing double duty as both the peaceful and problematic sides of himself.

3. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Heart Attack
Fresh off of their latest album “Out of Frequency”, this Euro-pop group meshes many types of music, including big band and 1960s Brit pop, to make their surprisingly catchy psycho-spacey musical cacophony.

4. The Darkness – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us
Pros when it comes to rock and roll hooks, the group behind the yodeling-fueled “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” return with an equally great, rock radio-friendly single.

5. Madonna feat. Nicki Minaj & MIA – Give Me All Your Luv
While this may not be my favorite Madge tune, I am one of the few, it seems, who quite enjoyed the Queen of Pop’s Super Bowl performance. This song may be lacking that standout style that made Madonna the supreme ruler of her genre, making her ironically sound like the contemporaries who are trying to emulate her…but, regardless, it’s Madonna.

6. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
Another hop aboard the indie train, the mix of soft horns and a back-and-forth duet takes this track to some interesting places. Plus, the video accompanying it is reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins’ clip for “Tonight Tonight”.

7. Semi-Precious Weapons – Semi-Precious Weapons
This song is just a party. After seeing them open for Lady Gaga last spring, my friends and I couldn’t help but lament along with singer Justin Tranter: “I can’t pay my rent, but I’m fucking gorgeous!” While we may be saying such in a playful manner, that’s just the way this tune gets you going. It’s a giant dance orgy (just watch the music video for confirmation), but what it lacks in clothing it makes up for in gritty dance-hall beat.

Video Clip of the Week: Rihanna – You Da One

While there’s no throwback clip this week, the latest Rihanna spectacle shows the singer’s take on the classic film “A Clockwork Orange”, where both contain the mixture of sexy and psychotic natures that allow the duo to conincide.


What are your thoughts? Have any suggestions! Comment away!


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