Tuesday Tune-age: The Premiere Post!

Tuesday Tune-age: Week of January 24, 2012

Hello, fellow music lovers and Internet enthusiasts! Welcome to Tuesday Tune-age, the weekly column filled to the brim with the best tracks all across the widespread region that is the music industry! Here you will find the latest picks for your earbuds, mixed in with a little bit of video and, hopefully, a one-of-a-kind “throwback”. Read, comment, and enjoy below!

1. Fun. featuring Janelle Monae – “We Are Young”
Following a recent cover on “Glee”, this breakthrough band is getting major notice for this catchy pop-rock track. Be sure to check out their new album “Some Nights” when it drops on February 21!

2. Jay-Z & Kanye West – “N*ggas in Paris”
The incomprable duo of “Jay” and “‘Ye” is just that – incomprable. Almost anything they touch turns to gold – literally and record-sale wise. This track is no exception!

3. Jessie J – “Domino”
With powerful pipes and a standout fashion style, British maven Jessie J (apart from her old schoolmates Adele and Lily Allen) focuses more on the grinding sweetness of pop, mixing the candycane hooks of Britney Spears with the vocal prowess of her other contemporaries. Definitley one to dance around in your room to!

4. Gotye – “Somebody That I Used To Know”
Slowly becoming a mainstream indie darling, this song, with it’s creeping pace and standout chorus, is slowly establishing itself as a new folk-rock force.

5. David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj – “Turn Me On”
David Guetta’s DJ-ed tracks have been consistent in terms of successes, thanks largely in part to his huge collaborators. This track with Nicki Minaj is no exception – and Nicki’s vocals are some of her best!

6. Foster the People – “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)”
This group is rapidly rising from indie obscurity to Hot 100 hitmakers – “Don’t Stop” is another song that, with its whistling intro and an amusing video featuring “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe, will appeal to contemporary crowds of college kids and hipsters.

7. Lady Gaga – “Fashion of His Love”
Although it is not a single, this track off of Gaga’s “Born This Way” is unbelievably catchy. It is almost painful to try and stop the bop you’ll be doing with its sickly-sweet electronic beat.

8. Pitbull feat. Chris Brown – “International Love”
Pitbull always knows how to  kickstart a party – plus, I’m always game for the sweet musical stylings of Chris Brown. With Brown’s hook in the chorus and yet another dance-ridden backbeat, “Love” is a great song for road trips and exercising!

9. Coldplay feat. Rihanna – “Princess of China”
Two power-players in contemporary music royalty coming together is just a great idea, no? And when those players use the combination of voices, Chris Martin’s smooth and Rihanna’s soulful, overtop of a melodic cacophony filled with crunchy guitars and gongs, “China” is irresistable. (Look for their performance together on the Grammys on February 12!)

10. Lady Antebellum – “We Owned the Night”
As far as pop-country goes, this Tennessee trio has the chart on lockdown. Off of their third album (of the same title), “Night” infuses Charles Kelley & Hilary Scott’s effortless harmonies yet again. It’s a song you just can’t help humming along with!

Throwback of the Week!
*NSYNC – “It’s Gonna Be Me”
Just because I can. Just because it’s awesome.


What songs do you want to see on Tuesday Tune-age? Comment, message, tweet…maybe your picks will end up on the list!


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