Back in the Blogosphere: An Update

Greetings, fellow users of the World Wide Web!

I’m back in my old blogspot to give it another whirl and keep the updates constant when it comes to the latest developments in music, movies, television, film, theatre, and all things pop culture! That being said, here’s a lowdown of how the new HeyHolcomb blog is going to run (well, hopefully)…

-Categorized Content: With reviews (theatre, concerts, and a special tag devoted to all things “Glee”) and articles a-plenty, it just makes sense to organize them according to genre. Be sure to look at the categories on the right hand side to see the latest!

-Tuesday Tune-age: It’s my first online column…sorta! Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting the latest tracks that I think are the hottest and hippest and jiggiest around (complete with video content and even a “Throwback of the Week!”). Comment and message YOUR picks and it may just end up on next week’s list! Check out the premiere post below!

Phew! A lot’s going on, right? Regardless, I’m excited and overall determined to make this blog not only something that I enjoy creating, but something that you enjoy reading. So soak it in, people, and get ready for the reign of the all-new HeyHolcomb Pop Culture Blog!


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