The Top Ten Things I Learned From SJI 2010

10. Before asking questions about college, ask yourself this: “Will this help me or hurt me?”

9. Use the elevator(s). Stairs are overrated.

8. When in doubt, pick a weird indie film to watch on movie night. (That’s right, I’m referring to you, ‘Gentleman Broncos’.)

7. Listen to the advisors, speakers, and teachers. They know what they are talking about, seriously.

6. There is only one type of surfing acceptable, and that is mattress surfing.

5. It’s okay to eat pizza and French fries for every meal for five straight days. You’re not the only one.

4. Wake-up calls at 6am can and will be a major bummer.

3. Do as much as you can in your field of choice. It’ll help in college.

2. Beware of the athletes in the dining hall, whether they are miniature or quite looming. They WILL butt you in line, they WILL take a long time to get food, and they WILL bump into you.

And the number one thing I learned from SJI?

1.  Journalism is, and always will be, majorly awesome.


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