Summer Playlist 2009

Due to the abundance of new songs that have recently been released this summer, here’s a list of my personal favorites that I hope you as the reader will take a listen to. Hope you enjoy!

**The double stars indicate my top pick (and the longest review).

1. “New Perspective” – Panic(!) At The Disco**

This single may come as a shock to some Panic fans, as guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker recently left the band due to “creative differences”. Singer Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith were obviously trying to pursue a more techno side to the music (more like their first album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out), while Ross and Walker were probably going towards more relaxed, Beatles-esque sounds (like their second album, Pretty. Odd). However, Urie and Smith have combined BOTH of these styles in this song; you can hear the techno side from some vocal parts from Fever, but the melody is infectious, catchy, and wonderful, similar to Odd’s “Nine In The Afternoon”. I feel this is the best of both worlds and the best single Panic (exclamation mark pending) has ever released. This is definitely my new favorite song of the summer!

2. “Fallin’ For You” – Colbie Callait

Not being a fan of her debut single “Bubbly”, I was surprised that I enjoyed this song so much. You can tell that it is what Callait does best, which is soft, happy-go-lucky tunes. The melody is what really got me; it’s infectious, cutesy, and bubblegum tender. The lyrics are typical romance jargon, but that doesn’t detract from the song. The simple guitar and overall sound make this a relaxing, catchy summer single.

3. “Ignorance” – Paramore

This is classic Paramore sound. The guitars and drums are the driving force of the song, with singer Hayley Williams’ voice soaring over them in a powerful, rock-out fashion. This single is edgy, and Williams’ voice has a bite to it. Paramore definitely knows how to please their fans; they’ve been playing the song during their set(s) on tour with No Doubt. By introducing the fans to some new songs early, they will be sure to pick up Paramore’s new album this fall.

4. “Patron Tequila” Paradiso Girls feat. Lil Jon (and Eve?)

I usually try to stay away from the typical pop-club dance beats, but this one is interesting. The vocals are varied and fit well with the song. The melody is very catchy (as you can tell by the previous song descriptions, I’m a sucker for catchy melodies) and intriguing. This is a great dance beat that will get you pumped.

5. “Here We Go Again” Demi Lovato

I admit, she has a good voice, and this shows off that nice rock edge of hers. It’s a departure from her Jonas-centric debut album, and she acknowledges that. The raspy parts of her voice give the song a decent grind to it, definitely showing a more gritty Disney starlet.

6. “Fire Burning “- Sean Kingston

Everyone has heard this song on MTV; it’s one of the best dance songs on rotation now. The beat is infectious (wow, I use that word a lot!) and creates a dance-club vibe. Kingston always provides a great beat for his songs, and his Jamaican-twinged tune to his voice.

7. “Give In To Me” Michael Jackson

The untimely death of the “King of Pop” was one that personally made me think about his contributions to the world of music and pop culture itself. I had never heard this song before, and I found that I greatly enjoyed it. This shows a much grittier, raunchier side of Jackson, and is arguably one of his most underrated hits.

8. “LoveGame” Lady Gaga

Gaga strikes again with another beat-crazy, lyric-nasty hit. This techno-savvy song is yet another dance anthem of the summer, and loyal fans will not be disappointed.

9. “Paranoid” Jonas Brothers

I always get crap from people about liking the Jonas Brothers, but they do have some decent pop music! This lead single off of their new album, “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times” is no exception; their voices are wailing over pop-rock guitars and timely drums. Sure, the lyrics are a bit corny, but the music is still cute and catchy…it reminds me of my early childhood in the late 90’s, also known as the “boy band” era.

10. “I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week” Mandy Moore

I’ve listened to Moore’s music since she came out with 1999’s “Candy”; she has definitely strayed far from her bubblegum roots. This song is catchy, cute, and true to the heart; the lyrics are heartfelt and relateable has just the right amounts of soul and grit to balance it out.

11. “I Get Off” Halestorm

This girl-fronted rock band gives a new edge to the summer. The singer’s voice is raunchy and gritty and soars above thrashing guitars. This is definitely a headbanging anthem for all of those rockers looking for a new summer smash.

Your Comment: What new songs have YOU been listening to this summer?


One thought on “Summer Playlist 2009

  1. Cathy says:

    I’m sorry to say, but I’ve only heard of one of these songs. . .#9 and I love it! I sing it all the time. I guess because they play it all the time on the Disney Channel which is on 24/7 at my house. LOL.

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